OTS 9: Antimicrobial resistance, environmental and medical aspects
Chair: Dr Thierry Naas, APHP
📍CCH Hamburg, Hall 1

OTS 10: Industrial microbiology and bioeconomy
Chair: Dr Michael Sauer, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU)
📍CCH Hamburg, Hall G1

OTS 11: Protein turnover and secretion
Chair: Dr Maria Sandkvist, University of Michigan
📍CCH Hamburg, Hall G2

OTS 12: DGHM workshop: Eukaryotic Pathogens
Chair: Dr Sascha Brunke, Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology - Hans Knöll Institute
📍CCH Hamburg, Hall Y1

OTS 13: Diagnosis and clinical microbiology
Chair: Dr Karsten Becker, University of Greifswald 
📍CCH Hamburg, Hall Y2

OTS 14: Yeast strategies to resist relevant stresses in bioindustries
Chair: Dr Isabel Sá-Correia, University of Lisbon
📍CCH Hamburg, Hall D

OTS 15: Microbial ecology workshop - Microorganisms in Sustainable agriculture
Chair: Dr Geertje van Keulen
📍CCH Hamburg, Hall E

OTS 16: Alternative approaches in antimicrobial control
Chair: Dr Wolf-Dietrich Hardt
📍CCH Hamburg, Hall F