SY25 μLife symposium: Emerging role of chromatin remodeling and nuclear targeting by microorganisms
Co-chair: Dr Carmen Buchrieser
Co-chair: Dr Axel Brakhage


  • Dr Axel Brakhage
  • Dr Alessia Buscaino, Chromatin regulation and genome plasticity in the human fungal pathogen Candida albicans
  • Prof. Ulrich Dobrindt, Understanding host chromatin dynamics in response to E. coli infection
  • Dr Melanie Hamon

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall 1


SY26 Microbiota interactions across host species (FEMS Microbiology Reviews)
Chair: Dr Bart Thomma


  • Dr Hanna Roevenich
  • Dr Justin Nodwell
  • Dr Marjon de Vos
  • TBA

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall G1


SY27 Bacterial evasion of host defense (Pathogens and Disease & SFM)
Chair: Dr Jörn Coers


  • Dr Jörn Coers
  • Dr Brigitte Hélène Véronique Lamy
  • Dr Charlotte Odendall
  • Dr Marc Dionne

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall G2


SY28 Hybrid Yeasts (FEMS Yeast Research)
Chair: Prof. John Morrissey


  • Prof. John Morrissey, Hybrid yeasts in food and beverage fermentations
  • Prof. Geraldine Butler, Identification of hybrids in the Candida genus
  • Prof. Joseph Schacherer, Population genomics of the lambic yeast Brettanomyces bruxellensis
  • Prof. Daniela Delneri, Genetic analysis of Saccharomyces hybrids

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall Y1


SY29 EAM Symposium: Microbial Responses to Environmental threats
Chair: Dr Victor De Lorenzo


  • Dr Anja Engel
  • Prof. Andreas Richter
  • Prof. Laura Zucconi
  • TBA

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall Y2 


SY30 FEMS Microbes Symposium: Fermentation processes in health and disease
Chair: Dr Jana Jass


  • Dr Jana Jass
  • Dr Jeremy Burton
  • TBA
  • TBA

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall D


SY31 DGHM / VAAM symposium on “Microbial viruses” (phages)
Co-chair: Dr Tessa Quax
Co-chair: Dr Stefanie Barbirz


  • Dr Tessa Quax
  • Dr Stefanie Barbirz 
  • Dr Anna Dragos
  • TBA

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall E


SY32 GfV / FEMS: an overview of the most important topics during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic from a virological point of view
GfV Co-chair: Dr Ralf Bartenschlager
FEMS Co-chair: TBA

Speakers: TBA
📍CCH Hamburg, Hall F