Certificates and Abstract Book

How can I download my certificate?

You can now download your certificate of attendance by following these steps: 

  • Login to your myFEMS account
  • Click the 'My Certificates' option on the left-hand menu 
  • On the new screen click on 'Events', and then download your FEMS2023 Certificate 

If you would like to change your name or country on the certificate you can do that by: 

  • Clicking on your name in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard, then click 'Update Details' 
  • Make the changes you wish to your name, country, and title, and then click 'save' 
  • Go back and re-download your certificate 
  • Can't access your certificate? Then please contact fems2023@fems-microbiology.org for support. 

Will there be a book of abstracts?

Yes, the abstract book is ready. You can access it here.

Technical Instructions

My abstract has been accepted for poster presentation. When will I receive instructions? 

You can find instructions on how to prepare your poster here

I will be giving a Flash Poster Presentation or I am part of an Offered Talks Session. When will I receive instructions?

You can find technical instructions about your presentation here.


Does the student fee apply for me if I am pursuing a PhD? 

Yes, as a PhD candidate you are still considered a student, thus you qualify for the student fee. Please note that if you select this option, you will have to also include via the registration form a proof of enrolment or picture of your valid student ID.  


Can I change information on my invoice?  

Yes, you can do this from your myFEMS account. On the top right corner of the page you can see your name and a drop-down menu (an arrow pointing downwards). After opening the menu, you should be able to see the option “Update my details”.

To change the address on your invoice or add additional information (e.g. VAT, name of institution), please scroll down to the subsection called “Billing address”. Enter the details in the address fields and your invoice should be now regenerated.

If you still experience problems please get in touch.


My institution requires me to include additional information on the invoice. How can I do this? 

If your employer/ university requires you to include extra information – such as the name of the institution, VAT number, etc – this can be done by including the information into the “Address” line or “Line 2”. After you saved your changes, you can access the updated invoice under the left menu item “Invoices” in the same screen.  

Invitation or VISA letter

Can I receive an Invitation or VISA letter from you?

We can issue an invitation or VISA letters only after the completion of registration and payment.

If you require an invitation or VISA letter please make sure to indicate it during your registration. If you have done so, you can find this in your myFEMS account under "Certificates". On the new screen click on "Events" tab and then click download under "Visa Letter".

If you did not indicate that you will require a VISA letter during registration, you can request this via the FEMS Congress Secretariat (fems2023@fems-microbiology.org).

This invitation letter does not involve any commitment by the FEMS Congress Secretariat to cover fees, accommodation, travel expenses or other costs associated with participation in the Congress.

If a participant’s application for visa is refused, the Congress Secretariat will refund the paid registration fees. Refunds will only be processed when the congress secretariat has received a copy of the refusal letter before 19 June 2023. 


I did not receive an email from FEMS, how can I tell if my abstract has been accepted? 

The acceptance notifications for the regular abstract submission, late abstract submission and the Congress Attendance Grant are already sent. If you did not receive them please also check your junk/spam folder and make sure to add fems2023@fems-microbiology.org to your address book.

My email does not say if I am accepted for an Oral Presentation, but I did apply for it. What does this imply? 

If you have not received a notification that you have been invited to give an Oral Presentation, you will automatically be expected to give a Poster Presentation. 

My email mentions that I have been accepted for a Poster Presentation. Is this the same as a Flash Poster Presentation session? 

Poster Presentations are different from Flash Poster Presentations. 

In spite of the sessions denomination, Flash Presentations are oral presentations. Thus, if you have been invited to give an Oral Presentation in a Flash Presentation session this would be the format whereby you will give a 3 minutes presentation and there will be a discussion of 2 minutes. For this type of presentation you will use a PowerPoint. 

For more information about the types of session please see our programme page.

Can I make changes to my abstract?

Abstract changes are no longer accepted.


I have received an email mentioning that I was awarded the Congress Attendance Grant. What does this cover? 

The CAG covers the registration fee for Congress attendance and the Congress dinner. Unfortunately, it does not account for any additional costs you might encounter such as travel or accommodation.