SY17: VAAM-DGHM Symposium: Biofilms
Chair: Holger Rohde


  • Holger Rohde, Extracellular Matrix Components Play A Critical Role In Staphylococcus Epidermidis - Macrophage Interactions
  • Knut Drescher, Interaction Mechanisms Of Biofilms With Macrophages And Phages
  • Berenike Maier, Collective Polarization Dynamics In Bacterial Colonies Signify The Occurrence Of Distinct Subpopulations
  • Abul Tarafder, Phage Liquid Crystal-Mediated Antibiotic Tolerance In Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall 1


SY18: DGHM Symposium: Infection Immunology
Chair: Dr Bianca Schneider, Dr Hanna Lotter


  • Bianca Schneider, Why Sex Matters In Tuberculosis
  • Molly Ingersoll
  • Gabriel Gulsah
  • Jean-Charles Guery, Mechanisms Underlying Sex Differences In Nucleic Acid Sensing Across Ages

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall G1


SY19: VAAM Symposium: Environmental Microbiology
Chair: Alexander J. Probst


  • Alexander J. Probst, Two Decades Of Research On Altiarchaea - Ecophysiology At Its Best
  • Cara Magnabosco, Microbial Evolution At The Energy Limit Of Life
  • Kirsten Küsel, With The Water Flow Into The Subsurface
  • Miguel L. Rodriguez Rojas, The Seqcode Registry: A Semi-Automated Platform For The Proposal And Exploration Of Names Of Prokaryotes Described From Sequence Data

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall G2


SY20: SFM-FEMS Symposium: Antimicrobial Peptides: Diversity, Engineering And Applications In The Context Of Antibiotic Resistance Crisis
Chair: Severine Zirah


  • Oscar Kuipers, Ripp Bacteriocins As Alternative To Antibiotics
  • Cesar de la Fuente, Digitizing Evolution To Make Better Peptide Antibiotics
  • Octavio Franco, Antimicrobial Peptides And Host Microbiota
  • Céline Landon, Bird Defensins: Structures And Mechanism Of Action

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall D


SY21 Non-Conventional Yeasts Cell Biology And Biotechnology
Chair: Andriy Sibirny


  • Andriy Sibirny, Non-Conventional Yeasts As Promising Producers Of Biofuels And High-Value Chemicals
  • Rodrigo Ledesma-Amaro, Engineering Synthetic Communities Of Yeasts For Enhanced Bioproduction
  • Ewelina Celinska, One-for-all: engineering recombinant protein synthesis in Yarrowia lipolytica by the use of transcription factors and secretion helpers
  • Diethard Mattanovich, Hidden Treasures: Uncharted Metabolic Pathways Of The Methylotrophic Yeast Komagataella Phaffii, And Their Potential For Biotechnology

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall E

SY22: DMS-FEMS Symposium: Microbial Interactions In The Rhizosphere Of Agricultural Crops
Chair: Carsten Suhr Jacobsen
FEMS Co-Chair: Doreen Babin


  • Carsten Suhr Jacobsen, Total RNA Sequencing Reveals Multilevel Microbial Community Changes And Functional Responses To Plant Exudates In The Wheat Rhizosphere
  • Doreen Babin, Towards A More Sustainable Agriculture- Managing The Soil And Plant-Associated Microbiome In Agroecosystems
  • Etienne Yergeau, Ecology And Evolution Of Plant Microbiomes

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall F


SY23: FEMS Microbiology Letters Symposium: Microbial Valourisation Of Wastes And Secondary Materials

Chair: Zbigniew Lazar
Opening Talk: Aharon Oren


  • Cristiana Torres    
  • Gennaro Agrimi    
  • Zbigniew Lazar    
  • Immacolata Serra    

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall Y1


SY24: FEMS Microbiology Ecology Symposium: Microbiomes Are Everywhere, But The Environment Selects
Chair: Max Haggblom


  • Max Haggblom, The Sponge Selects: Global Distribution Of Organohalide-Respiring Bacterial Symbionts
  • Sung-Keun Rhee, Ecophysiology and Niche Differentiation of Ammonia-Oxidizing Archaea
  • Paolina Garbeva, Microbial Chemical Interactions And Communication In Soil Ecosystems
  • Guan Leluo, Host-Microbial Interactions By Characterization Of Bovine Gut Microbial Ecology And Its Functions

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall Y2