SY9: Archaea: Metabolism and Evolution
Chair: Patrick Forterre


  • Patrick Forterre, The Elusive Relationships Between Asgard Archaea And Eukaryotes
  • Christa Schleper, What Asgard Archaea Might Tell Us About The Origin Of Eukaryotes
  • Guillaume Borrel, Gut-Associated Methanogens: Diversity, Ecology And Evolution
  • Sebastien Ferreira-Cerca, Exploring The Mysteries Of Ribosome Biogenesis And Function In Archaea

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall 1


SY10: DGHM-VAAM Symposium: Food Safety
Chair: Mareike Wenning


  • Mareike Wenning, Bacillus Cereus And Anoxybacillus Flavithermus In Dairy Products: Impact Of Raw Material And Processing Line
  • Angelika Lehner, Cronobacter Spp.: Update On Recent Research Developments In Persistence Mechanisms And Pathobiology Of An Opportunistic Foodborne Pathogen
  • Kerstin Stingl, The Enigma Of Campylobacter CFU
  • Laura Carroll, Be Serious About B. Cereus: The Bacillus Cereus Group In The Genomic Era

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall G1


SY11/FP8 Education Group Symposium
Chair: Andriy Sibirny, Dr Michael Sauer, Dr Ivica Dimkić


  • Rup Lal
  • Michael Sauer, Dr Paul Cos, From results to impact
  • Beatrix Fahnert, Fit for Purpose - The Opportunities and Benefits of Authentic Learning

Flash Presentations:

  • Jonathan Tyrell, Learnings from FEMS Summer School for Microbiology Education: Strategy, innovation, application and impact
  • Isabel Murillo, Playful Learning in Higher Education: MicroBEscape Room - Escape from the microbes!
  • Joanna Verran, The Bad Bugs Bookclub:An Experiment In Microbial Literacy

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall G2


SY12: Epigenetics of Host–Pathogen Interactions
Chair: Nicole Fischer


  • Nicole Fischer
  • Carine van Lint, Epigenetic Mechanisms Of HIV-1 Latency: Implications For Innovative Therapeutic Strategies
  • Jo Parish, Manipulation Of Host Cell Transcription Via Disruption Of Promoter-Enhancer Interactions By Oncogenic Human Papillomavirus
  • Jonathan Weitzman, The Interaction Between Theileria Parasites And Their Host Cells

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall D

SY13: ESCMID Symposium: News From The Fungal World: Anything New About Diagnosis? 
Chair: Maurizio Sanguinetti


  • Maurizio Sanguinetti, Fungal Infections: A Global Emerging Threat
  • Malcom Richardson, Are The Conventional Fungal Diagnostics Still Helpful?
  • Patricia Muñoz Garcia, Fungal Biomarkers: Is It Really The New Diagnostic Frontier?
  • Cornelia Lass-Floerl, The Role Of Molecular Tests For The Management Of Invasive Fungal Infections

    📍CCH Hamburg, Hall E


    SY14: Marine Microbiology
    Chair: Lee Kerkhof


    • Lee Kerkhof, Strain-Level Resolution By Ribosomal Operon Profiling With The Oxford MinION
    • Claudia Pogoreutz, Disentangling The Diversity And Function Of Coral Reef-Associated Fungi
    • Alessandra Adessi, Microalgae Bacteria Interactions: Integrating Experimental Data And Computational Models
    • Clara Ruiz-González, The Microbial Dimension Of Submarine Groundwater Discharge: Current Challenges And Future Directions

    📍CCH Hamburg, Hall F


    SY15: Cell Membrane Transport
    Chair: Hana Sychrova


    • Hana Sychrova, Alkali Metal Cations In Yeast Cell Physiology
    • David Kelly, TRAP transporters: A widespread solution to the high-affinity uptake of organic acids in bacteria and archaea 
    • Miguel Teixeira, Drug Transporters In Pathogenic Yeast: In The Crossroad Between Drug Resistance And Pathogenesis
    • Etna Padan, The "Nanomachine" Nhaa Na+/H+ Antiporter From Bacteria To Human

    📍CCH Hamburg, Hall Y1


    SY16: Plant Microbiomes
    Chair: Joana Falcao Salles


    • Joana Falcao Salles, Shaping The Leaf Microbiome By Plant Microbe Interactions
    • Robert Jackson, Examining The Emergence Of Host-Adapted Phytopathogens Via The Role Of Mobile Genetic Elements
    • Stéphane Hacquard, Microbial Interactions In The Arabidopsis Root Microbiome
    • Angela Sessitsch, Plant Microbiota From Rhizosphere To Seeds

    📍CCH Hamburg, Hall Y2