SY9 Archaea- Metabolism and evolution
Chair: Dr Patrick Forterre


  • Dr Patrick Forterre
  • Dr Christa Schleper
  • Dr Guillaume Borrel
  • Dr Sebastien Ferreira-Cerca

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall 1


SY10 Food safety (DGHM/VAAM)
Chair: Dr Mareike Wenning


  • Dr Mareike Wenning, Bacillus cereus and Anoxybacillus flavithermus in dairy products: Impact of raw material and processing line
  • Dr Angelika Lehner, Cronobacter spp.: Update on recent research developments in persistence mechanisms and pathobiology of an opportunistic foodborne pathogen
  • Dr Kerstin Stingl, The enigma of Campylobacter CFU
  • Dr Laura Carroll

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall G1


SY11 Education group symposium
Chair: Dr Andriy Sibirny, Dr Michael Sauer


  • Dr Rup Lal
  • Dr Michael Sauer, From results to impact
  • Dr Paul Cos
  • Dr Beatrix Fahnert, Fit for Purpose - The Opportunities and Benefits of Authentic Learning

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall G2


SY12 Epigenetics- host – pathogen interactions
Chair: Dr Nicole Fischer


  • Dr Nicole Fischer
  • Dr Carine van Lint
  • Dr Jo Parish
  • Dr Jonathan Weitzman

📍CCH Hamburg, Hall Y1

SY13 News from the Fungal World: anything about diagnosis? (ESCMID) 
Chair: Dr Maurizio Sanguinetti


  • Dr Maurizio Sanguinetti, Fungal infections: a global emerging threat
  • Dr Malcom Richardson, Are the conventional fungal diagnostics still helpful?
  • Dr Patricia Muñoz Garcia, Fungal biomarkers: is it really the new diagnostic frontier?
  • Dr Cornelia Lass-Floerl, The role of molecular tests for the management of invasive fungal

    📍CCH Hamburg, Hall Y2 


    SY14 Marine Microbiology
    Chair: Dr Lee Kerkhof


    • Dr Lee Kerkhof
    • Dr Claudia Pogoreutz
    • Dr Clara Ruiz-González
    • Dr Alessandra Adessi

    📍CCH Hamburg, Hall D


    SY15 Cell membrane transport
    Chair: Dr Hana Sychrova


    • Dr Hana Sychrova, Alkali metal cations in yeast cell physiology
    • Dr David Kelly, Bacterial solute transporters and their role in the physiology of the human enteric pathogen Campylobacter jejuni
    • Dr Miguel Teixeira, Drug transporters in pathogenic yeast: in the crossroad between drug resistance and pathogenesis
    • Dr Etna Padan, The "nanomachine" NhaA Na+/H+ antiporter from bacteria to human

    📍CCH Hamburg, Hall E


    SY16 Plant microbiomes
    Chair: Prof. Joana Falcao Salles


    • Prof. Joana Falcao Salles
    • Dr Robert Jackson, Examining the emergence of host-adapted phytopathogens via the role of mobile genetic elements
    • Dr Stéphane Hacquard, Microbial interactions in the Arabidopsis root microbiome
    • Dr Angela Sessitsch, Plant microbiota from rhizosphere to seeds

    📍CCH Hamburg, Hall F